About us

What are we doing?

Wolfpack Lifting was created with only one goal: to make exercising as easy as possible for you. We strive for this goal every day. We do this by making maximum efforts in the field of fitness gear, fitness clothing and training and nutritional advice. We will support you both inside and outside the gym. This way you go to the gym with the right training advice, nice comfortable clothing and the best gym gear. When you're back home, we'll have the best nutritional advice ready. This way you can perform both inside and outside the gym and achieve the best results.

What is our mission?

The number of fitness enthusiasts is growing day by day. More and more people are fanatically going to the gym to achieve the desired results. However, fitness is not always easy. Fitness requires motivation, discipline, frequent training and proper nutrition. This is difficult to combine with your lifestyle. In addition, we often set too high goals for ourselves because there is a distorted picture
is prevalent on social media and within the fitness industry. There is a lack of honesty and transparency about the results achieved. We believe that this can and should be done differently. Wolfpack stands for transparency and honesty. We want every fitness enthusiast to enjoy sports and help them set and achieve realistic goals. In this way you can perfectly combine your lifestyle with fitness and achieve results.

Our products

To perform optimally, you need products that are of high quality. At the same time, you want to be able to exercise comfortably. Quality and comfort are therefore central to the design of our products. The sturdy and high-quality material of our products ensures that you can handle any workout and that the products also last a long time
to go. In addition, the elasticity and the fitting ensure that our products are comfortable and that you can exercise in a pleasant way. We are continuously innovating to optimize quality and comfort. This way you only get the best products for sports.

More than a fitness brand

Wolfpack Lifting is a close-knit community of fitness enthusiasts. Performing in the gym but also enjoying life outside the gym. Within the community we try to make combining fitness and lifestyle as easy as possible. We do this by sharing information, helping each other and coming up with good tips. This makes it possible for everyone to achieve his or her goals, but also to lead their own lifestyle outside the gym.