Collection: Lifting Straps

  • Why should you buy lifting straps? (What are the benefits of lifting straps?)

    Lifting straps are useful when your grip strength is not sufficient during strength and muscle building movements such as barbell rows, lat pulldowns or deadlifts. When doing a rowing movement, the weight, so the dumbbell or barbell, will not slip out of your hands. This helps to emphasize the correct muscles when training the body.

  • What are good lifting straps?

    Good lifting straps have a soft padding so that you can comfortably perform heavy lifts. The strap itself should be made of sturdy material so that it can handle any weight.

  • How and when do I use wrist wraps?

    You only use the lifting straps for heavy pulling movements. The lifting straps are therefore not intended for heavy pushing movements. You are not supposed to use the lifting straps for every set. For the warming up and light sets you leave them, only when you start lifting heavy do you use the lifting straps. 

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