Collection: Dipping Belt

  • Why should I use a dipping belt? (What are the benefits of a dipping belt?)

    With a dipping belt you can add extra weight when accelerating. Lifting heavier and training with heavier weight increases muscle growth. A dip belt is useful for exercises such as dips, pull ups and more bodyweight exercises.

  • What is a good dipping belt?

    A good dipping belt has a strong cable that can hold sufficient weight and a soft padding. The soft padding of Wolfpack Lifting ensures that the belt does not cut into your skin.

  • How and when do I use the dipping belt?

    You use the dipping belt for exercises that use your body weight. The dipping belt ensures that you can 'add' extra weight to your own body weight for the exercise. This will take your workout to a new level. The dipping belt is therefore not necessary for warming up and light sets. 

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