Collection: Wrist Wraps

  • Why should you buy wrist wraps?

    If you are going to train harder and notice that your wrists move too much during the exercise and start to hurt, it is recommended to buy wrist wraps. The wrist wraps provide the extra support that your wrists need. Wrsit wraps prevent injuries and ensure that you can train harder.

  • What are good wrist wraps?

    Good wrist wraps offer sufficient support but also comfort. In addition, a wrist wrap must also have a strong structure so that it does not break easily.

  • How and when do you use the wrist wraps?

    You only use the wrist wraps for heavy pushing movements. The wrist wraps are therefore not intended for heavy pulling movements. You are not supposed to use the wrist wraps for every set. For the warming up and light sets you leave them, only when you start pushing heavily do you use the wrist wraps. 

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