Collection: Knee Sleeves

  • Why should you use knee sleeves? (What are the benefits of knee sleeves?)

    Knee sleeves protect the knees from injuries. The compression and heat retention properties of the knee sleeves keep the muscles warm and they are perfectly supported during your workout.

  • What are good knee sleeves?

    Good knee sleeves offer the support that suits your training. The Wolfpack Lifting Knee Sleeves are designed for medium support. This ensures that your knee is sufficiently supported to prevent injuries, but at the same time guarantee an intense workout.

  • How and when do I use the knee sleeves?

    You only use the knee sleeves for heavy leg exercises. The knee sleeves are therefore not intended for other types of movements. You are not supposed to use the knee sleeves for every set. For the warming up and light sets you leave them, only when you are going to train heavily do you use the knee sleeves.

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