De voordelen van Gym Gear, Fitness Gear, Fitness Accessoires en andere gym producten

The advantages of Gym Gear, Fitness Gear, Fitness Accessories and other gym products

The advantages of Gym Gear, Fitness Gear, Fitness Accessories and other gym products

Gym clothing, fitness equipment or fitness accessories can make a huge contribution to muscle training, muscle growth and injury prevention. These fitness products are used in sports such as bodybuilding and powerlifting. The most common examples of gym clothes are the following:

  • Lifting Belt
  • Lifting Straps
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Lever Belt
  • Dipping Belt
  • Knee Sleeves
  • Ankle Straps

These products are usually made of leather, propane, cotton and iron. There are many different fitness brands that make these types of gym items. They are applied to the wrists, knees or core.

Lifting Belt 

These products are designed to help stabilize during a muscle-building move at the gym. For example, a lifting belt or liver belt helps to keep your core tight during squats and deadlifts. Before lifting a certain amount of heavy weight, you can wrap the belt around your core and abs. By pressing your core against the belt, you get more stability and you can lift heavier. Progressive overload, the main driver of muscle development, is easier to achieve when training with a lifting belt or other type of equipment. This leads to more strength and builds more muscle. The use of lifting gear or fitness gear is one of the factors that can contribute to more muscle building. At least as important is the amount of sleep, protein and exercise or physical exercise to give the body an incentive to grow and build more muscle.

Lifting Straps 

Lifting Straps are useful when your grip strength is not sufficient during strength and muscle building movements such as barbell rows, lat pulldowns or deadlifts. They are mainly used for pulling exercises such as dumbbell rows, pull-ups and deadlifts. When doing a rowing movement, the weight, so the dumbbell or barbell, will not slip out of your hands. This helps to emphasize the correct muscles when training the body. Lifting straps are very useful when training the back muscles. When training the 'lats' or latissimus dorsi with exercises such as pulls or rows, lifting straps can be extra beneficial. This is due to the way your grip is set when training the back. Lifting straps help improve your grip and ensure that your grip is not the weakest link.

Dipping Belt

A dipping belt works in a similar way. With a dipping belt or dip belt you can add extra weight when accelerating. The same principle of progressive overload applies in this case. Lifting heavier and training with heavier weight increases muscle growth. A dipping belt is compatible with exercises such as dips, pull ups and more body weight exercises.

A lifting belt, lifting strap, wrist wrap, lever belt, dipping belt or dip belt, knee sleeves and ankle straps can improve your training, help you lift heavier weights, prevent injuries and build more muscle.

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